Our Trainer

Phyllis Yap

Phyllis has a passion in helping students and professionals work towards securing and fulfilling their career aspirations. Over the years, she has coached and created value by providing guidance on the full spectrum of activities surrounding job search such as resume writing, interview skills, use of social media, and power dressing, so candidates can present their best selves in their search for a new job. Aside from equipping skills, she also partakes in career counselling and stretching action plans step by step to attain career goals. Phyllis has received various testimonials from those who have seen tangible and positive outcomes with her.
Having worked for years in CTES Consulting, a Consulting, Training and Executive Search firm, she has extensive experience in understanding the needs and requirements of her clients, both multi-national companies and small medium enterprises, on a regional and local level. Given her in-depth understanding of evolving business requirements and landscapes, Phyllis provides a holistic overview when it comes to job search, not just from the candidates’ perspective, but also from the employers’ point of view. Watching those whom she has worked with blossom in their career is one of her proudest achievements.

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