Amazing Client Stories

Participant in Career Workshop

Thank you Phyllis for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and thoughts about the subject matter. As I will be graduating this year, your workshops and sharing were very timely and beneficial. Personally, I felt that both of your workshops were a mentoring experience for me as the workshops had left me feeling a step closer to being prepared to enter the working world.

Participant in Career Workshop

I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH to Phyllis for providing me with such valuable advice and tips on how I can improve and tailor my resume accordingly! I will definitely put your advice into practice, and edit my resume from here :) Regarding cover letters, you have definitely raised a great point that I was not aware of before.
Thank you for your constructive feedback, encouragement, and generosity with your words and time to help a student like me out! I really appreciate it very much :) Have a great week ahead Phyllis, and I do hope that our paths may cross in the near future!! :D

Insightful Talk

Thank you so much Phyllis for the insightful talk on salary negotiations earlier on. Based on what you have shared during the workshop, I realized that I may have made several mistakes in the earlier part of my career. I know now what I must do in my next role.

Art and Science of the Deal workshop

Phyllis has a wonderful delivery and pace, and I have learned very much from your insights and sharing of experience with us :) Thank you once again for this session!

Career workshops

Hi Phyllis, I attended your workshops in the morning and afternoon today. They were both very fruitful. You're a very good speaker. Hope to stay connected with you!

Participant in career workshop

Thank you Phyllis for conducting the workshop. I find the training really helpful and useful. I would be glad to attend your training again in the future. 

Participant in career workshop

Hi Phyllis, I attended your workshops and they are both valuable and enjoyable to me. As I am still in the early stages of developing my own personal brand, you have given me pointers that have helped me a lot. Thank you!

Career workshop

Hi Phyllis! I am one of the attendees in the Career Preparatory Webinar which you have conducted. Thank you as it is very useful for me. It gave me new insights into what I need for resumes and interviews. Cheers!

Career workshop

I was a bit hesitant to participate in the workshop by Ms. Phyllis as it was my first time hearing about CTES and Caretitude. I signed up for it anyway and I'm happy that I made the decision. I like the way the workshop was facilitated and I will definitely be joining the rest of the workshops next month! 

Insightful workshop

Thank you Phyllis for the insightful workshop on how to prepare for an interview. The tips you shared were really useful and I will definitely apply them in my future interviews.

Incredible workshop!

Dear Phyllis,

I attended your interview webinar workshop last Wednesday and I would like to thank you for conducting the workshop.
The workshop was incredible and I had learned so much from you!

Participant in Career Workshop

I am a participant in the recent workshop which you conducted on the Art and Science of the Deal. I would like to thank Phyllis for being so generous in answering all the questions which I had in mind on getting a job in HR and for openly sharing tips on how/where to source for information.

I hope our paths will cross once again in the near future.

New Insights

After attending the career talk conducted by CARETITUDE in school, I felt that they have done such a wonderful job that I engaged them on a personal basis for additional coaching and mentoring. CARETITUDE has given me new insights and they have really prepared me and gave me confidence during my interview.

Best workshop

Thank you for the interesting workshop today! I really appreciate how much effort CARETITUDE put in to help students to find jobs. The workshop is extremely engaging. I really love it! Thank you very much for giving me hope for the future!

Valuable assistance

Thank you so much for the valuable assistance that you gave me in writing my resume and cover letter for my current job search. After having a consultation with you, I found the prospect of searching for a job not so daunting after all!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

- Robert Collier

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